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Vol. 26, No. 2, 2008
Issue release date: April 2008
Dig Dis 2008;26:140–148

Affective and Psychiatric Disorders in Celiac Disease

Addolorato G. · Leggio L. · D’Angelo C. · Mirijello A. · Ferrulli A. · Cardone S. · Vonghia L. · Abenavoli L. · Leso V. · Nesci A. · Piano S. · Capristo E. · Gasbarrini G.
Institute of Internal Medicine, Catholic University of Rome, Rome, Italy

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Several extraintestinal clinical manifestations have been reported in celiac disease (CD). Among them, growing evidence suggests the association between CD and affective and psychiatric disorders. In this review the most frequent affective and psychiatric disorders associated with CD and the possible mechanisms involved in these associations were analyzed. The available data suggest that screening for CD in patients with affective and/or psychiatric symptoms may be useful since these disorders could be the expression of an organic disease rather than primary psychiatric illnesses.

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