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Table of Contents
Vol. 28, No. 4, 2009
Issue release date: November 2009
Section title: Review Article
Free Access
Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord 2009;28:281–287

Peripheral Cytokines and Chemokines in Alzheimer’s Disease

Lee K.S.a, b · Chung J.H.c, d · Choi T.K.a · Suh S.Y.a · Oh B.H.b · Hong C.H.e, f
aDepartment of Psychiatry, CHA University, Bundang Cha Medical Center, Seongnam, bDepartment of Medicine, Graduate School, Yonsei University, cYonsei Integrative Research Institute for Cerebral and Cardiovascular Diseases, and dYonsei University Health System, Seoul, eDepartment of Psychiatry, Ajou University School of Medicine, and fMemory Impairment Center, Ajou University Hospital, Suwon, Korea
email Corresponding Author

Chang Hyung Hong

Ajou University School of Medicine

San 5, Wonchun-dong, Youngtong-gu

Suwon-si 443-749 (Korea)

Tel. +82 31 219 5180, Fax +82 31 219 5179, E-Mail antiaging@ajou.ac.kr


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