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Table of Contents
Vol. 33, No. 4, 2010
Issue release date: August 2010
Section title: Original Paper
Kidney Blood Press Res 2010;33:304–312

Effects of Telmisartan on Arterial Stiffness Assessed by the Cardio-Ankle Vascular Index in Hypertensive Patients

Kinouchi K.a · Ichihara A.b · Sakoda M.a · Kurauchi-Mito A.a · Murohashi-Bokuda K.a · Itoh H.a
Departments of aEndocrinology, Metabolism, and Nephrology, and bEndocrinology and Anti-Aging Medicine and Internal Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan
email Corresponding Author

Atsuhiro Ichihara, MD, PhD, FAHA

Endocrinology and Anti-Aging Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine

35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku

Tokyo 160-8582 (Japan)

Tel. +81 3 5363 3796, Fax +81 3 3359 2745, E-Mail atzichi@sc.itc.keio.ac.jp


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