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Table of Contents
Vol. 23, Suppl. 1, 2010
Issue release date: September 2010
Section title: Paper
Free Access
Skin Pharmacol Physiol 2010;23(suppl 1):28–34

Efficacy of Chlorhexidine, Polihexanide and Tissue-Tolerable Plasma against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms Grown on Polystyrene and Silicone Materials

Hübner N.-O.a · Matthes R.a · Koban I.b · Rändler C.a · Müller G.a · Bender C.a · Kindel E.c · Kocher T.b · Kramer A.a
aInstitute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, and bCentre for Dental and Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Surgery, Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald, and cLeibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology, Greifswald, Germany
email Corresponding Author

Nils-Olaf Hübner, MD

Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine

Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald, Walther Rathenau Strasse 49a

DE–17489 Greifswald (Germany)

Tel. +49 383 451 5546, Fax +49 383 451 5541, E-Mail nhuebner@uni-greifswald.de


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