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Vol. 21, No. 1-2, 2011
Issue release date: January 2012
Section title: Paper
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J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol 2011;21:8–19

What Limits the Efficiency of Double-Strand Break-Dependent Stress-Induced Mutation in Escherichia coli

Shee C. · Ponder R. · Gibson J.L. · Rosenberg S.M.
Departments of Molecular and Human Genetics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Molecular Virology and Microbiology, and Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Tex., USA
email Corresponding Author

Susan M. Rosenberg

Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine

One Baylor Plaza, Rm S809A Mail Stop BCM225

Houston, TX 77030-3411 (USA)

Tel. +1 713 798 6924, E-Mail


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