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Vol. 31, No. 3-6, 2001
Issue release date: May–December 2001 (March 2002)
Section title: Fibrinolysis
Haemostasis 2001;31:118–122

Vampire Bat Plasminogen Activator DSPA-Alpha-1 (Desmoteplase): A Thrombolytic Drug Optimized by Natural Selection

Schleuning W.-D.
Paion GmbH, Research Center Berlin, Berlin, Germany
email Corresponding Author

Wolf-Dieter Schleuning

Paion GmbH, Research Center Berlin, Tegeler Weg 33

D–10589 Berlin (Germany)

Tel. +49 30 34 35 37 12, Fax +49 30 34 35 37 33



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