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Table of Contents
Vol. 31, No. 3-6, 2001
Issue release date: March 2002
Section title: Fibrinolysis
Haemostasis 2001;31:133–140

Snake Venom Proteinases as Tools in Hemostasis Studies: Structure-Function Relationship of a Plasminogen Activator Purified from Trimeresurus stejnegeri Venom

Wisner A. · Braud S. · Bon C.
Unité des Venins, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
email Corresponding Author

Dr. Cassian Bon

Head of the Venoms Unit, Institut Pasteur

25–28, rue du Docteur-Roux

F–75724 Paris Cedex 15 (France)

Tel. +33 1 45 68 86 85, Fax +33 1 40 61 30 57, E-Mail cbon@pasteur.fr


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