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Vol. 1, No. 1, 2003
Issue release date: 2003
Section title: Original Research Paper
Complexus 2003;1:19–28

Prediction of Protein Essentiality Based on Genomic Data

Jeong H.a, c · Oltvai Z.N.b · Barabási A.-L.a
aDepartment of Physics, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Ind.; bDepartment of Pathology, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Ill., USA; cDepartment of Physics, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Taejon, Korea
email Corresponding Author

Prof. Albert-Lszl Barabsi

Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame

213 Nieuwland Science, Notre Dame, IN 46556 (USA)

Tel. +1 219 631 5767, Fax +1 219 631 5952



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