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Table of Contents
Vol. 22, No. 4, 2003
Issue release date: July – August
Section title: Invited Review
Neuroepidemiology 2003;22:217–228

An Evidence-Based Medicine Approach to the Evaluation of the Role of Exogenous Risk Factors in Sporadic Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Armon C.
Department of Neurology, Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, Calif., USA
email Corresponding Author

Carmel Armon, MD

Department of Neurology, Loma Linda University School of Medicine

11175 Campus Street, CP-11108

Loma Linda, CA 92354 (USA)

Tel. +1 909 5584907, Fax +1 909 5580207, E-Mail res0tna7@verizon.net


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