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Vol. 105, No. 2, 2006
Issue release date: February 2006
Cardiology 2006;105:75–79

Swallow Syncope, a Case Report and Review of the Literature

Omi W. · Murata Y. · Yaegashi T. · Inomata J. · Fujioka M. · Muramoto S.
Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine, Noto General Hospital, Nanao, Japan

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Swallow syncope is a relatively rare syndrome that is treatable when diagnosed. A 66-year-old woman was referred to the department of cardiology because she had been suffering from recurrent syncopal attacks associated with swallowing. An ambulatory electrocardiogram revealed atrial and ventricular asystoles immediately after swallowing soup or tea that were reproducible (max. RR 3.5 s). An electrophysiological study did not detect sinus nodal or atrioventricular nodal dysfunction. The patient had no underlying esophageal disease or cardiac disorder. The patient’s symptoms resolved after permanent pacemaker implantation. This report reviews the diagnosis, mechanism and management of swallow syncope.

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