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Vol. 77, No. 1, 2006
Issue release date: May 2006
Pharmacology 2006;77:1–10

Comparative Effects of Pranidipine with Amlodipine in Rats with Heart Failure

Veeraveedu P.T. · Watanabe K. · Ma M. · Gurusamy N. · Palaniyandi S.S. · Wen J. · Prakash P. · Wahed M.I.I. · Kamal F.A. · Mito S. · Kunisaki M. · Kodama M. · Aizawa Y.
aDepartment of Clinical Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences, and bFirst Department of Medicine, Niigata University School of Medicine, Niigata, Japan

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The aim of the present study was to compare the cardioprotective properties of long-acting calcium channel antagonist pranidipine with amlodipine in rat model of heart failure induced by autoimmune myocarditis. Twenty-eight days after immunization the surviving rats were randomized for the oral administration of low-dose amlodipine (1 mg/kg/day), high-dose amlodipine (5 mg/kg/day), pranidipine (0.3 mg/kg/day) or vehicle (0.5% methylcellulose). After oral administration for 1 month, the animals underwent echocardiography and hemodynamic analysis. Histopathology, immunohistochemistry, and Western immunoblotting were carried out in the heart samples. Both pranidipine and high-dose amlodipine increased survival rate. Although the heart rate did not differ among the four groups, left ventricular end-diastolic pressure was significantly decreased and ±dP/dt was increased in the pranidipine- and high-dose amlodipine-treated rats, but not in low-dose amlodipine-treated rats. In comparison to amlodipine treatment, pranidipine treatment significantly reduced myocyte size and central venous pressure. Furthermore, both pranidipine and high-dose amlodipine treatment significantly reduced myocardial protein levels of atrial natriuretic peptide and inducible nitric oxide synthase, whereas pranidipine only significantly decreased tumor necrosis factor-α, and improved sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ATPase2 protein levels. We conclude that pranidipine ameliorates the progression of left ventricular dysfunction and cardiac remodeling in rats with heart failure after autoimmune myocarditis in a lower dose when compared to amlodipine and which may be a clinically potential therapeutic agent for the treatment of heart failure.

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