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Genomic structure of swine taste receptor family 1 member 3, TAS1R3, and its expression in tissues

Kiuchi S.a · Yamada T.b · Kiyokawa N.c · Saito T.a · Fujimoto J.c · Yasue H.a
aNational Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Tsukuba, Ibaraki bSchool of Medicine, Keio University, Shinjuku-ku cNational Research Institute for Child Health and Development, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (Japan) Cytogenet Genome Res 115:51–61 (2006) (DOI:10.1159/000094801)


Taste receptor family 1 member 3, TAS1R3, is shown to be involved in sweet and umami tastes in mouse, and the nucleotide sequence of the gene has been reported in rat, gorilla, and human. Pigs are frequently used as models for human diseases, and are also considered to be source animals for xenotransplantation to humans due to their anatomical and physiological similarities to humans. Therefore, in the present study, the genomic structure of the swine TAS1R3 gene was determined, and TAS1R3 expression was studied in various swine tissues. The gene was shown to reside on swine chromosome 6q22→q23, from which three types of mRNAs were generated: 3,752 bp derived from six exons in tongue, 3,704 bp from six exons and 3,630 bp from seven exons in testis. The 6 exons/5 introns were structurally similar to those of humans and mice, but the 7 exons/6 introns structure of TAS1R3 was first observed in swine. High expressions of TAS1R3 were revealed in tongue, kidney, and testis by real-time PCR. The expression profile of the tissues except for kidney was similar to that of mouse. When in situ hybridization using an RNA probe for TAS1R3 was performed on swine tongue and testis tissues, TAS1R3 expressions were revealed in tongue circumvallate papillae, fungiform papillae, mucosal epithelium, follicular B lymphocytes, lymphocytes in submucosal tissues of lingual tonsil, and spermatogenic cells. Using peripheral mature B lymphocytes, the expression of TAS1R3 in B lymphocytes was further confirmed by real-time PCR and sequencing of the real-time PCR product.


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