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Advances in Cardiology

Editor(s): Borer J.S. (New York, N.Y.) 

Vol. 47 , 2012 available active subscription | 

Antiplatelet Therapy in ACS and A-Fib

Editor(s): Serebruany V.L. (Towson, Md.) 
Atar D. (Oslo) 

Written by top experts in the field
Vol. 46 , 2011 available active subscription | 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults

Author(s): Lurie A. (Paris) 

Peer-reviewed by internationally recognized experts
Vol. 45 , 2008 available active subscription | 

Cardiovascular Diabetology: Clinical, Metabolic and Inflammatory Facets

Editor(s): Fisman E.Z. (Holon) 
Tenenbaum A. (Tel-Hashomer) 

New insights into an issue of growing concern
Vol. 44 , 2007 available active subscription | 

Atherosclerosis, Large Arteries and Cardiovascular Risk

Editor(s): Safar M.E. (Paris) 
Frohlich E.D. (New Orleans, La.) 

New perspectives for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular events

All Back Volumes

Vol. 43, 2006Heart Rate Slowing by If Current Inhibition
Vol. 42, 2006Cardiovascular Gap Junctions
Vol. 41, 2004Pathophysiology, Evaluation and Management of Valvular Heart Diseases, Vol. 2
Vol. 40, 2003HIV Infection and the Cardiovascular System
Vol. 39, 2002Pathophysiology, Evaluation and Management of Valvular Heart Diseases
Vol. 38, 1996The Implantable Defibrillator
Vol. 37, 1990Silent Myocardial Ischemia: A Critical Appraisal
Vol. 36, 1988Treatment of End-Stage Coronary Artery Disease
Vol. 35, 1986The Anaerobic Threshold: Physiological and Clinical Significance
Vol. 34, 1986Left Ventricular Dysfunction
Vol. 33, 1986Rehabilitation of the Cardiac Patient
Vol. 32, 1985Assessment of Ventricular Function
Vol. 31, 1982Comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation
Vol. 30, 1982Catecholamines in Normal and Abnormal Cardiac Function
Vol. 29, 1982Psychological Problems before and after Myocardial Infarction
Vol. 28, 1981Electrocardiology VI
Vol. 27, 1980Current Concepts in Clinical Cardiology
Vol. 26, 1979New Approaches in the Diagnosis and Management of Cardiovascular Diseases
Vol. 25, 1978Sudden Coronary Death
Vol. 24, 1978Cardiac Rehabilitation
Vol. 23, 1978Myocardial Infarction in the Spectrum of Ischemic Heart Disease
Vol. 22, 1978Results and Evaluation of New Methodology in Cardiology
Vol. 21, 1978Electrocardiology III / Vectorcardiography
Vol. 20, 1977Future Directions in the Management of Cardiac Disease
Vol. 19, 1977Electrocardiology II
Vol. 18, 1976Physical Activity and Coronary Heart Disease
Vol. 17, 1976Clinical Application of Current Techniques and Treatment in Cardiology
Vol. 16, 1976Electrocardiology
Vol. 15, 1975Integrated Medical-Surgical Care in Acute Coronary Artery Disease
Vol. 14, 1975Recent Advances in Ventricular Conductions
Vol. 13, 1974Comparative Pathology of the Heart
Vol. 12, 1974The Myocardium
Vol. 11, 1974A Perspective on New Techniques in Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease
Vol. 10, 1974Body Surface Mapping of Cardiac Fields
Vol. 9, 1973Myocardial Infarction: A New Look at an Old Subject
Vol. 8, 1973Early Diagnosis of Coronary Heart Disease
Vol. 7, 1972Long-Term Prognosis following Valve Replacement
Vol. 6, 1971Mechanical Devises for Cardiopulmonary Assistance
Vol. 5, 1970Hypoxia, High Altitude and the Heart
Vol. 4, 1970Thrombosis and Coronary Heart Disease