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Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine

Editor(s): Wise T.N. (Falls Church, Va.) 

Vol. 34 , 2015 available active subscription | 

Clinical Challenges in the Biopsychosocial Interface

Update on Psychosomatics for the 21st Century
Editor(s): Balon R. (Detroit, Mich.) 
Wise T.N.  (Falls Church, Va.) 

An update on contemporary psychosomatic medicine
Vol. 33 , 2013 available active subscription | 

Cultural Psychiatry

Editor(s): Alarcón R.D. (Rochester, Minn. / Lima) 

A panoramic view of current status, research advances, challenges and opportunities
Vol. 32 , 2012 available active subscription | 

The Psychosomatic Assessment

Strategies to Improve Clinical Practice
Editor(s): Fava G.A. (Bologna) 
Sonino N. (Padova) 
Wise T.N. (Falls Church, Va.) 

A key contribution for understanding patient reported outcomes
Vol. 31 , 2011 available active subscription | 

Sexual Dysfunction: Beyond the Brain-Body Connection

Editor(s): Balon R. (Detroit, Mich.) 

An update on diagnosis and the management of various sexual dysfunctions

All Back Volumes

Vol. 30, 2011Chronic Pain and Addiction
Vol. 29, 2008Sexual Dysfunction
Vol. 28, 2007Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Conditions
Vol. 27, 2006Health and Treatment Strategies in Obesity
Vol. 25, 2006Pain and Depression
Vol. 26, 2004Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Vol. 25, 2004Pain and Depression
Vol. 24, 2003Asthma: Social and Psychological Factors and Psychosomatic Syndromes
Vol. 23, 2001Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry in Japan
Vol. 22, 2001Everyday Biological Stress Mechanisms
Vol. 21, 1994Psychotropic Drug Use in the Medically Ill
Vol. 20, 1990Methods in Teaching Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
Vol. 19, 1989Issues in Geriatric Psychiatry
Vol. 18, 1988Psychiatric Aspects of Cancer
Vol. 17, 1987Research Paradigms in Psychosomatic Medicine
Vol. 16, 1986Psychiatric Aspects of Trauma
Vol. 15, 1986Psychological Aspects of Surgery
Vol. 14, 1985Psychiatric Aspects of Chronic Pulmonary Disease
Vol. 13, 1985Interface between Neurology and Psychiatry
Vol. 12, 1985Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology
Vol. 11, 1983Consultation-Liaison throughout the World
Vol. 10, 1980Psychotherapeutic Interventions in LifeThreatening Illness
Vol. 9, 1977Epidemiologic Studies in Psychosomatic Medicine
Vol. 8, 1972Psychosocial Aspects of Physical IIIness
Vol. 7, 1972Hunger and Satiety in Health and Disease
Vol. 6, 1971Duodenal Ulcer
Vol. 5, 1967Training in Psychosomatic Research
Vol. 4, 1964Training in Psychosomatic Medicine
Vol. 3, 1963Praxis der psychosomatischen Medizin
Vol. 2, 1962Body, Mind, and the Sensory Gateways
Vol. 1, 1960European Conference on Psychosomatic Research