Frontiers in Diabetes

Editor(s): Porta M. (Turin) 
Matschinsky F.M. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 

Vol. 24 , 2015 available active subscription | 

Technological Advances in the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

Editor(s): Bruttomesso D. (Padua) 
Grassi G. (Turin) 

Better care of diabetes through technology
Vol. 23 , 2014 available active subscription | 

Genetics in Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes and Related Traits
Editor(s): Gloyn A.L. (Oxford) 
McCarthy M.I. (Oxford) 

Recent progress in defining the genetic basis for type 2 diabetes
Vol. 22 , 2014 available active subscription | 

Diabetes Secondary to Endocrine and Pancreatic Disorders

Editor(s): Ghigo E. (Turin) 
Porta M. (Turin) 

The first detailed discussion of this much-neglected topic
Vol. 21 , 2012 available active subscription | 

Monogenic Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia Disorders

Editor(s): Stanley C.A. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
De León D.D. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 

Molecular mechanisms, clinical manifestations and new treatments