Frontiers of Oral Biology

Editor(s): Sharpe P.T. (London) 

Vol. 16 , 2012 available

Cleft Lip and Palate

Epidemiology, Aetiology and Treatment
Editor(s): Cobourne M.T. (London) 

A valuable source of up-to-date information
Vol. 15 , 2012 available

Periodontal Disease

Editor(s): Kinane D.F. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 
Mombelli A. (Geneva) 

A timely update on the etiopathogenesis of periodontal disease and its relevance to modern therapeutics
Vol. 14 , 2010 available

Salivary Glands

Development, Adaptations and Disease
Editor(s): Tucker A.S. (London) 
Miletich I. (London) 

Summarizing the latest knowledge in the field
Vol. 13 , 2009 available

Comparative Dental Morphology

14th International Symposium on Dental Morphology, Greifswald, August 2008: Selected papers
Editor(s): Koppe T. (Greifswald) 
Meyer G. (Greifswald) 
Alt K.W. (Mainz) 
Brook A. (Liverpool) 
Dean M.C. (London) 
Kjaer I. (Copenhagen) 
Lukacs J.R. (Eugene, Oreg.) 
Smith B.H. (Ann Arbor, Mich.) 
Teaford M.F. (Baltimore, Md.) 

Providing a broad picture on current aspects of dental morphology research