Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop Series: Clinical & Performance Program

Vol. 12 , 2009 available active subscription | 

The Economic, Medical/Scientific and Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Nutrition Practice: What Impacts What?

Peebles, Scotland, March 2007
Editor(s): Elia M. (Southampton) 
Bistrian B.R. (Boston, Mass.) 

An in-depth evaluation
Vol. 11 , 2006 available active subscription | 

Nutritional Management of Diabetes Mellitus and Dysmetabolic Syndrome

11th Nestlé Nutrition Workshop, Hangzhou, October-November 2005
Editor(s): Bantle J.P. (Minneapolis, Minn.) 
Slama G. (Paris) 

Evaluating treatment and prevention strategies
Vol. 10 , 2005 available active subscription | 

Home Care Enteral Feeding

10th Nestlé Nutrition Workshop, Berlin, June 2004
Editor(s): Lochs H. (Berlin) 
Thomas D.R. (Saint Louis, Mo.) 

New insights into complex nutrient-health interactions
Vol. 9 , 2004 available active subscription | 

Metabolic Issues of Clinical Nutrition

9th Nestlé Nutrition Workshop, Bangkok, November 2003
Editor(s): Allison S.P. (Nottingham) 
Go V.L.W. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 

A comprehensive review of the latest key developments