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Comprehensive coverage of gerontological research

Aims and Scope

In view of the ever-increasing fraction of elderly people gerontology has become the major scientific discipline that may provide clues to successfully deal with this substantial personal, medical and sociological problem. Gerontology, the oldest journal in the field, is the only one that publishes gerontological research from a very broad perspective, rather than focusing on single issues of aging research. The range of papers is classified into four major sections. In each section, Original Papers, Mini-Reviews, Viewpoints and critical Debates are published and will be complemented by short systematic Reviews.

In the Clinical Section, the aetiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of age-related diseases are discussed from a gerontological rather than a geriatric viewpoint. The Experimental Section contains up-to-date contributions from basic gerontological research. Papers dealing with behavioural development and related topics are placed in the Behavioural Science Section. Basic aspects of regeneration in different experimental biological systems as well as in the context of medical applications are dealt with in a special section that also contains information on technological advances for the elderly.

Providing a primary source of high-quality papers covering all aspects of aging in humans and animals, Gerontology serves as an ideal information tool for all readers interested in the topic of aging from a broad perspective.

Bibliographic Details

Journal Abbreviation: Gerontology
ISSN: 0304-324X (Print)
e-ISSN: 1423-0003 (Online)
DOI: 10.1159/issn.0304-324X


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Founded 1957 by F. Verzár as 'Gerontologia'
Merged 1975 with 'Gerontologia Clinica', founded 1959 by E. Woodford-Williams and A.N. Exton-Smith