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Biology of the Neonate

Fetal and Neonatal Research

Editor(s): Halliday H.L. (Belfast) 
Speer C.P. (Würzburg) 
Continued with Vol. 91 (2007) as: Neonatology

Founded 1959 as ‘Biologia Neonatorum’ (formerly ‘Etudes Néo-Natales’) and continued 1983–2006 as ‘Biology of the Neonate'.

Edited by A. Minkowski, Paris (1959–1985); continued by J.-P. Relier (1986–2003)

Incorporating ‘Developmental Pharmacology and Therapeutic’, founded by
J.V. Aranda, Montreal

ISSN: 0006-3126
e-ISSN: 1421-9727
Status: discontinued