Rights and Permissions

Permission Requests: Rightslink® and Karger Request Form

Karger offers a quick and easy way to clear permissions for Karger Content via Rightslink®, the Copyright Clearance Center's online service:
  1. Locate the relevant content on the Karger website, click on the Request Permission link to open the Rightslink® page
  2. Follow Rightslink®'s self-explanatory online instructions and select your specifications from the drop-down options to get a Quick Quote
  3. Create a Rightslink® account if you have not already done so to order and pay
  4. Accept the Karger Terms and Conditions
  5. Download your License.
Requests concerning content currently not available online via Rightslink® must be addressed to Karger in writing. Please use this Request Form or contact Silvia Meier and David Schaub of Rights and Permissions and include the following information:
  1. Your full name and complete postal address
  2. Are you the author of the original work?
  3. Complete reference, including ISBN, DOI and page numbers if applicable
  4. What you would like to use, e.g. figure/table number, abstract, article and which content is needed, e.g. figure/table, cover, PDF
  5. Purpose and title of the new publication, print run and publisher
  6. In case of digital posting, title and description of the website and whether is is secure/password-protected. Please include also specifications of the intended use, e.g. number of site visitors, duration of presentation as well as number of downloads or copies if you wish to additionally distribute the material.

Usage and Republication Rights for Karger Authors

To find out more about your rights, please first refer to the Copyright Transfer Statement which you downloaded and filled in when you submitted your manuscript to Karger. The Resources for Authors section may also provide useful information on related topics.
If you require a license for republishing any material from your Karger article, please use the services of Rightslink®. If your work is not available online, please use this Request Form (under construction) or state details as mentioned above on how to obtain permission in an e-mail to Silvia Meier or David Schaub of Rights and Permissions.
To receive a PDF Author's Copy of your article, please contact Jana Steimle and include the complete article reference.
For detailed information on Karger's Self-Archiving policy, please refer to SHERPA/RoMEO.

Online Access Sponsoring

By sponsoring online access, you make individual book chapters or journal articles, entire journal issues or even whole volumes (published in 1998 or later) freely accessible to all Karger website visitors. The URL to the sponsored online access can of course be easily integrated into your promotional materials.
A short acknowledgement text, such as "Sponsored by..." in the respective Table of Contents makes your sponsorship visible to all visitors should you wish so. Hyperlinks can be added either to a specially created promotional page (html or PDF) hosted by Karger or directly to your company or product web site.
To explore this option, please contact Peter Roth.

Foreign Rights, Reprints

To obtain Foreign Language Translation rights, please contact Silvia Meier or David Schaub of Rights and Permissions.
Orders for Karger Reprints should be placed with Peter Roth.
To request a license to reprint articles yourself (print; electronic: ePrint, ArticleViewerApp, digital posting), please follow the instructions above on how to obtain permission.