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Dermatology 1999;198:164–166

Acanthosis nigricans with Severe Obesity, Insulin Resistance and Hypothyroidism: Improvement by Diet Control

Kuroki R.a · Sadamoto Y.b · Imamura M.b · Abe Y.b · Higuchi K.b · Kato K.b · Koga T.c · Furue M.d

Author affiliations

Divisions of aDermatology and bInternal Medicine, National Kokura Hospital, Kitakyushu, Departments of Dermatology cSchool of Medicine, Fukuoka University, and dKyushu University, Faculty of Medicine, Fukuoka, Japan

Corresponding Author

Rie Kuroki, MD, PhD

Division of Dermatology, National Kokura Hospital

Harugaoka 10-1, Kokura-minami-ku

Kitakyushu 802-8533 (Japan)

Tel. +81 93 921 8881, Fax +81 93 922 5072

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We report on a 27-year-old man with acanthosis nigricans (AN) associated with severe obesity, insulin resistance and hypothyroidism. A very low-calory diet treatment decreased his weight and then ameliorated the insulin-resistant state. These effects were followed by remarkable improvement of the AN prior to the correction of the hypothyroidism. This confirms that AN may be mainly attributed to insulin resistance rather than hypothyroidism per se.


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Article / Publication Details

First-Page Preview
Abstract of Case Report

Published online: April 26, 1999

Number of Print Pages: 3
Number of Figures: 3
Number of Tables: 0

ISSN: 1018-8665 (Print)
eISSN: 1421-9832 (Online)

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