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Current Problems in Dermatology

Editor(s): Itin P. (Basel) 
Jemec G.B.E. (Roskilde) 

Vol. 53 , 2018 available active subscription |  

Adverse Reactions to Biologics

Editor(s): Puig L. (Barcelona) 
Gulliver W. (St. John's, NL) 

An essential reference source
Online access TOC
Vol. 52 , 2017 available active subscription |  

Diagnosis and Therapy of Tattoo Complications

With Atlas of Illustrative Cases
Editor(s): Serup J. (Copenhagen) 
Bäumler W. (Regensburg) 

A valuable tool for clinical practice
Online access TOC
Vol. 51 , 2016 available active subscription |  

Perspiration Research

Editor(s): Yokozeki H. (Tokyo) 
Murota H. (Osaka) 
Katayama I. (Osaka) 

The latest knowledge in the field
Online access TOC
Vol. 50 , 2016 available active subscription |  

Itch - Management in Clinical Practice

Editor(s): Szepietowski J. (Wroclaw) 
Weisshaar E. (Heidelberg) 

A clinical guide for all practitioners
Online access TOC

All Back Volumes

Vol. 49, 2016Skin Barrier Function TOC
Vol. 48, 2015Tattooed Skin and Health TOC
Vol. 47, 2015Alopecias - Practical Evaluation and Management TOC
Vol. 46, 2015Actinic Keratosis TOC
Vol. 45, 2014Human Papillomavirus TOC
Vol. 44, 2013Dermatological Diseases and Cumulative Life Course Impairment TOC
Vol. 43, 2012Transplantation Dermatology TOC
Vol. 42, 2011Basics in Dermatological Laser Applications TOC
Vol. 41, 2011Pathogenesis and Management of Atopic Dermatitis TOC
Vol. 40, 2011Topical Applications and the Mucosa TOC
Vol. 39, 2010Ichthyoses TOC
Vol. 38, 2009Management of Psoriasis TOC
Vol. 37, 2009Lyme Borreliosis TOC
Vol. 36, 2008Safety Assessment of Cosmetics in Europe TOC
Vol. 35, 2007Environmental Factors in Skin Diseases TOC
Vol. 34, 2007Skin Protection TOC
Vol. 33, 2006Biofunctional Textiles and the Skin TOC
Vol. 32, 2003Telemedicine and Teledermatology TOC
Vol. 31, 2003Textiles and the Skin TOC
Vol. 30, 2002Hyperhidrosis and Botulinum Toxin in Dermatology TOC
Vol. 29, 2001Oxidants and Antioxidants in Cutaneous Biology TOC
Vol. 28, 1999The Atopy Syndrome in the Third Millennium TOC
Vol. 27, 1999Management of Leg Ulcers TOC
Vol. 26, 1998Skin Bioengineering TOC
Vol. 25, 1996Prevention of Contact Dermatitis TOC
Vol. 24, 1996Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment TOC
Vol. 23, 1995Irritant Dermatitis TOC
Vol. 22, 1995Exogenous Dermatology TOC
Vol. 21, 1993Topical Glucocorticoids with Increased Benefit / Risk Ratio TOC
Vol. 20, 1991Metabolic Disorders and Nutrition Correlated with Skin TOC
Vol. 19, 1989Cutaneous Lymphoma TOC
Vol. 18, 1989Immunodeficiency and Skin TOC
Vol. 17, 1987Biology of Heritable Skin Diseases TOC
Vol. 16, 1987Prenatal Diagnosis of Heritable Skin Diseases TOC
Vol. 15, 1986Therapeutic Photomedicine TOC
Vol. 14, 1985Contact Allergy Predictive Tests in Guinea Pigs TOC
Vol. 13, 1985Recent Developments in Clinical Research TOC
Vol. 12, 1984Diseases of the Hair and the Scalp TOC
Vol. 11, 1983Normal and Abnormal Epidermal Differentiation TOC
Vol. 10, 1981Biochemistry of Normal and Abnormal Epidermal Differentiation TOC
Vol. 9, 1981Some Fundamental Approaches in Skin Research TOC
Vol. 8, 1978Skin Manifestations in Visceral Cancer TOC
Vol. 7, 1978Skin - Drug Application and Evaluation of Environmental Hazards TOC
Vol. 6, 1976Keratinization and Growth Regulation TOC
Vol. 5, 1973Current Problems in Dermatology TOC
Vol. 4, 1972Current Problems in Dermatology TOC
Vol. 3, 1970Current Problems in Dermatology TOC
Vol. 2, 1968Antibiotic Treatment of Venereal Diseases TOC
Vol. 1, 1959Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Wilhelm Lutz TOC