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Complementary Medicine Research

Practice, Methods, Perspectives

Editorial Board

H. Walach, Poznan/Berlin
(Personal website / Free Methodology Online Course)

Associate Editors
B. Brinkhaus, Berlin
K. Kraft, Rostock
J. Langhorst, Essen
D. Melchart, Munich
J. Melzer, Göttingen/Zurich
A. Michalsen, Berlin
F. Musial, Tromsø
R. Saller, Zurich
M. Walkenhorst, Frick

Editorial Board

J. Barth, Zurich
Mental Health, Systematic Reviews, Epidemiology

S. Baumgartner, Bern
Anthroposophic Medicine, Homeopathy

M. Bräm, Bern
Behavior Medicine, Phytotherapy

R. Brenke, Berlin
Naturopathic Medicine, Physical Medicine, Lymphology

A. Büssing, Herdecke
Phytotherapy, Basic Research

F. Cardini, Verona
Acupuncture, Research Strategies, Gynecology

H. Cramer, Essen
Yoga, Meditation, Mind-Body Medicine

M. Dal Cero, Zurich
Ethnobotany, Phytotherapy

G. Dobos, Essen
Mind-Body Medicine

T. Esch, Witten
Mind-Body Medicine, Basic Research

B. Falch, Zurich
Phytotherapy, Ethnomedicine, Aromatherapy

T. Falkenberg, Huddinge
Basic Research, Clinical Research

M. Fink, Hanover
Acupuncture, Manual Therapies

L. Fischer, Bern
Neural Therapy

V. Fonnebo, Tromsø
Clinical Research, Statistics

M. Frass, Vienna
Homeopathy, Clinical Research

C. Güthlin, Frankfurt/M.
Questionnaire Design, Qualitative Research

T. Hajto, Budapest
Creative Therapies, Phytotherapy

J. Hummelsberger, Munich
Chinese Medicine

D. Irnich, Munich
Acupuncture, Clinical Research

H. Johannessen, Odense
Qualitative research, Cross.Disciplinary Methodology

A. Kazemekaitis, Hermannsburg
Phytotherapy, Tibetan Medicine

C. Kessler, Berlin
Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Nutritional Medicine

N. Kohls, Coburg
Health Promotion and Psychology, Behavior Medicine, Mindfulness, Spirituality

M. Kröz, Berlin
Anthroposophic Medicin, Clinical Research

W. Kubelka, Vienna

R. Lauche, Sydney/Essen
Mind-Body Medicine, Methodology, Clinical Research

K. Linde, Munich
Clinical Research

R. Lüdtke, Essen
Biostatistics, Clinical Research, Homeopathy

H. Matthes, Berlin
Anthroposophic Medicine

B. Meier, Wädenswil

S. Moebus, Essen
Health Services Research

A. Molsberger, Düsseldorf

M. Oberbaum, Jerusalem
Homeopathy, Clinical Research

T. Ostermann, Herdecke
Health Services Research

F. Pfab, Munich
Manual Therapies, Acupuncture

K.L. Resch, Bad Elster
Osteopathy, Balneology

P. Roberti di Sarsina, Bologna
Person-Centered Medicine, CAM Sociology

M. Rostock, Zurich/Hamburg
Naturopathic Medicine, Clinical Research

S. Schmidt, Freiburg i.Br.
Meditation, Mindfulness, Mind-Body Medicine, Placebo, Neurophysiology

H. Schröder, Frankfurt/O.
Qualitative Research, Philosophy of Science

H. Schwabl, Schwerzenbach
Tibetan Medicine, Basic Research

F. Schwerla, Gauting

R. Stange, Berlin
Naturopathic Medicine, Clinical Research

W. Stör, Icking
Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Naturopathic Treatment

C. Terreaux, Villars-sur-Glâne
Phytotherapy, Basic Research

M. Teut, Berlin
Homeopathy, Nutritional Medicine

B. Uehleke, Berlin
Phytotherapy, Naturopathic Medicine

G. Ulrich-Merzenich, Bonn
Phytotherapy, Basic Research

J. Vas, Dos Hermanas
Epidemiology, Clinical Research, Acupuncture

S. Vollstedt, Bokholt-Hanredder
Veterinary Medicine, Immunology, Phytotherapy

C.S. Weckerle, Zurich
Chinese Medicine, Basic Research

W. Weidenhammer, Munich
Clinical Research

A. Wiebrecht, Berlin
Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture

F. Wilhelmi de Toledo, Überlingen

S.N. Willich, Berlin
Clinical Research

C. Witt, Zurich
Research Methodology, Acupuncture, Mind-Body Medicine

U. Wolf, Bern
Anthroposophic Medicine, Complementary Medicine