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Cytogenetic and Genome Research

Vol. 146, No. 1, 2015

Issue release date: September 2015

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Original Article

MicroRNA-200a Targets EGFR and c-Met to Inhibit Migration, Invasion, and Gefitinib Resistance in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Zhen Q. · Liu J. · Gao L. · Liu J. · Wang R. · Chu W. · Zhang Y. · Tan G. · Zhao X. · Lv B.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:1-8 (DOI:10.1159/000434741)

Rapid Diagnosis of Imprinting Disorders Involving Copy Number Variation and Uniparental Disomy Using Genome-Wide SNP Microarrays

Liu W. · Zhang R. · Wei J. · Zhang H. · Yu G. · Li Z. · Chen M. · Sun X.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:9-18 (DOI:10.1159/000435847)

Epigenetic Dysregulation in the Prefrontal Cortex of Suicide Completers

Schneider E. · El Hajj N. · Müller F. · Navarro B. · Haaf T.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:19-27 (DOI:10.1159/000435778)
Open Access Gateway

Prenatal Screening of 21 Microdeletion/Microduplication Syndromes and Subtelomeric Imbalances by MLPA in Fetuses with Increased Nuchal Translucency and Normal Karyotype

Gouas L. · Kémény S. · Beaufrère A.-M. · Eymard-Pierre E. · Pebrel-Richard C. · Tchirkov A. · Lemery D. · Laurichesse-Delmas H. · Vago P. · Goumy C.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:28-32 (DOI:10.1159/000435865)
Case Report

2q37.3 Deletion Syndrome: Two Cases with Highly Distinctive Facial Phenotype, Discordant Association with Schizophrenic Psychosis, and Shared Deletion Breakpoint Region on 2q37.3

Mehraein Y. · Pfob M. · Steinlein O. · Aichinger E. · Eggert M. · Bubendorff V. · Mannhart A. · Müller S.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:33-38 (DOI:10.1159/000431389)

Clinical and Molecular Cytogenetic Characterization of a de novo Interstitial 1p31.1p31.3 Deletion in a Boy with Moderate Intellectual Disability and Severe Language Impairment

Tassano E. · Gamucci A. · Celle M.E. · Ronchetto P. · Cuoco C. · Gimelli G.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:39-43 (DOI:10.1159/000431391)

Delineating the Mosaic Trisomy 15 Phenotype Using a Serendipitous Mechanism as a Clue

Natacci F. · Melloni G. · Motta F. · Silipigni R. · Doniselli F. · Rizzuti T. · Frigerio M. · Guerneri S.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:44-50 (DOI:10.1159/000435796)
Original Article

Molecular Analysis of the B Microchromosome in Steindachnerina insculpta (Characiformes: Curimatidae) by Microdissection

Sampaio T.R. · Gouveia J.G. · da Silva C.R.M. · Dias A.L. · da Rosa R.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:51-57 (DOI:10.1159/000381932)

Chromosome Painting in Vanellus chilensis: Detection of a Fusion Common to Clade Charadrii (Charadriiformes)

Kretschmer R. · Gunski R.J. · del Valle Garnero A. · O'Brien P.C.M. · Ferguson-Smith M.A. · Ochotorena de Freitas T.R. · Correa de Oliveira E.H.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:58-63 (DOI:10.1159/000431387)

High-Resolution Physical Chromosome Mapping of Multigene Families in Lagria villosa (Tenebrionidae): Occurrence of Interspersed Ribosomal Genes in Coleoptera

Gusso Goll L. · Matiello R.R. · Artoni R.F. · Vicari M.R. · Nogaroto V. · de Barros A.V. · Almeida M.C.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:64-70 (DOI:10.1159/000382047)

A Set of Cytogenetic Markers Allows the Precise Identification of All A-Genome Chromosomes in Diploid and Polyploid Wheat

Badaeva E.D. · Amosova A.V. · Goncharov N.P. · Macas J. · Ruban A.S. · Grechishnikova I.V. · Zoshchuk S.A. · Houben A.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:71-79 (DOI:10.1159/000433458)
Free Access

Molecular Cytogenetic Analysis of Cucumis Wild Species Distributed in Southern Africa: Physical Mapping of 5S and 45S rDNA with DAPI

Yagi K. · Pawełkowicz M. · Osipowski P. · Siedlecka E. · Przybecki Z. · Tagashira N. · Hoshi Y. · Malepszy S. · Pląder W.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2015;146:80-87 (DOI:10.1159/000433572)