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Acta Cytologica

The Journal of Clinical Cytology and Cytopathology

Vol. 60, No. 1, 2016

Issue release date: January – February

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Fine-Needle Aspiration Followed by Core-Needle Biopsy in the Same Setting: Modifying Our Approach

Joudeh A.A. · Shareef S.Q. · Al-Abbadi M.A.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:1-13 (DOI:10.1159/000444386)
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Fine Needle Aspiration

Cytological Diagnosis of Follicular Variant of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma before and after the Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology

Fazeli R. · VandenBussche C.J. · Bishop J.A. · Ali S.Z.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:14-18 (DOI:10.1159/000444669)

Nodular Fasciitis: Definitive Diagnosis by Fine Needle Aspiration

Berry A.B. · Jaffee I. · Greenberg M. · Eisele D.W. · Ljung B.-M.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:19-24 (DOI:10.1159/000444161)

Differentiation between Melanin-Laden Macrophages and Melanoma Cells in Vitreous Aspirates

Iakovlev E. · Ghorab Z. · Krema H. · Iakovlev V. · Kertes P. · Yucel Y.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:25-30 (DOI:10.1159/000444208)

The Role of Fine Needle Aspiration of Orbital Lesions: A Case Series

Pagni F. · Jaconi M. · Smith A.J. · Brenna A. · Valente M.G. · Leoni S. · Leni D. · Vacirca F. · Sozzi D.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:31-38 (DOI:10.1159/000444385)

Thyroid Ultrasound-Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration: The Positive Influence of On-Site Adequacy Assessment and Number of Needle Passes on Diagnostic Cytology Rate

de Koster E.J. · Kist J.W. · Vriens M.R. · Borel Rinkes I.H.M. · Valk G.D. · de Keizer B.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:39-45 (DOI:10.1159/000444917)
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Gynecologic Cytopathology

Endometrial Adenocarcinoma in SurePath™ Cervical Samples: Cytological Features Revisited

Gupta N. · Crossley J. · Dudding N. · Smith J.H.F.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:46-52 (DOI:10.1159/000444043)

Cannonballs in Pap Smears: Double Whammy of Bacterial Vaginosis and Associated Infections

Krishnamurthy V. · Satish S. · Vimalambike M.G.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:53-57 (DOI:10.1159/000444074)

Cytokines of Cervical Mucosa and Human Papilloma Virus Infection of the Cervix: A Descriptive Study

Daniilidis A. · Koutsos J. · Oikonomou Z. · Nasioutziki M. · Hatziparadisi K. · Tantanasis T.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:58-64 (DOI:10.1159/000445161)
Nongynecologic Cytopathology

Cytopathology of Vitreous Humor Samples in Routine Practice

Boulagnon C. · Ducasse A. · Patey M. · Diebold M.-D. · Arndt C.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:65-73 (DOI:10.1159/000444576)

Diagnostic Utility of Bronchial Brush-Tip Washings for the Immunohistochemical Assessment of Peripheral Lung Lesions

Bonney A. · Beaty A. · See K. · Irving L. · Steinfort D.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:74-78 (DOI:10.1159/000444044)

Validation of the Modification of the Prolonged Papanicolaou Stain for the Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

Moya-Salazar J. · Rojas-Zumaran V.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:79-84 (DOI:10.1159/000444117)
Novel Insights from Clinical Practice

Pitfalls and Key Features of a Case of Sclerosing Pneumocytoma: A Cytological Challenge?

Onorati M. · Nicola M. · Bianchi C.L. · Bini F. · Bellaviti N. · Di Nuovo F.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:85-88 (DOI:10.1159/000444042)

Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology of Intranodal Palisaded Myofibroblastoma of the Inguinal Lymph Node

Xie J. · Pu C. · Silverman J.F.
Acta Cytologica 2016;60:89-92 (DOI:10.1159/000445162)