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Vol. 133, No. 3, 2016

Issue release date: July 2016

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Clinical Practice: Review

Should We STOP Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors/Angiotensin Receptor Blockers in Advanced Kidney Disease?

Ahmed A. · Jorna T. · Bhandari S.
Nephron 2016;133:147-158 (DOI:10.1159/000447068)
Free Access
Clinical Practice: Mini-Review

Markers of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in the Development and Progression of Renal Disease in Diabetic Patients

Hojs R. · Ekart R. · Bevc S. · Hojs N.
Nephron 2016;133:159-162 (DOI:10.1159/000447434)
Free Access
Clinical Practice: Original Paper

Use of the Body Composition Monitor for Fluid Status Measurements in Subjects with High Body Mass Index

Keane D. · Chamney P. · Heinke S. · Lindley E.
Nephron 2016;133:163-168 (DOI:10.1159/000446193)

Left Atrial Dysfunction in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients Treated by Hemodialysis

Malik J. · Lachmanova J. · Kudlicka J. · Rocinova K. · Valerianova A. · Bartkova M. · Tesar V.
Nephron 2016;133:169-174 (DOI:10.1159/000447500)

Association of Thrombocytopenia and Mortality in Critically Ill Patients on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

Guru P.K. · Singh T.D. · Akhoundi A. · Kashani K.B.
Nephron 2016;133:175-182 (DOI:10.1159/000447543)

Non-Contrast Renal Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Assess Perfusion and Corticomedullary Differentiation in Health and Chronic Kidney Disease

Gillis K.A. · McComb C. · Patel R.K. · Stevens K.K. · Schneider M.P. · Radjenovic A. · Morris S.T.W. · Roditi G.H. · Delles C. · Mark P.B.
Nephron 2016;133:183-192 (DOI:10.1159/000447601)
Experimental Nephrology and Genetics: Original Paper

Mutational Spectrum of CYP24A1 Gene in a Cohort of Italian Patients with Idiopathic Infantile Hypercalcemia

Gigante M. · Santangelo L. · Diella S. · Caridi G. · Argentiero L. · D''Alessandro M.M. · Martino M. · Stea E.D. · Ardissino G. · Carbone V. · Pepe S. · Scrutinio D. · Maringhini S. · Ghiggeri G.M. · Grandaliano G. · Giordano M. · Gesualdo L.
Nephron 2016;133:193-204 (DOI:10.1159/000446663)

Indoxyl Sulfate Downregulates Mas Receptor via Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor/Nuclear Factor-kappa B, and Induces Cell Proliferation and Tissue Factor Expression in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Ng H.-Y. · Bolati W. · Lee C.-T. · Chien Y.-S. · Yisireyili M. · Saito S. · Pei S.-N. · Nishijima F. · Niwa T.
Nephron 2016;133:205-212 (DOI:10.1159/000447096)
Physiology: Original Paper

Expression of Renal Aquaporins in Aristolochic Acid I and Aristolactam I-Induced Nephrotoxicity

Li J. · Zhang L. · Jiang Z. · He X. · Zhang L. · Xu M.
Nephron 2016;133:213-221 (DOI:10.1159/000446854)