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Cytogenetic and Genome Research

Vol. 151, No. 4, 2017

Issue release date: July 2017

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Original Article

Novel Unbalanced Translocations Affecting the Long Arms of Chromosomes 10 and 22 Cause Complex Syndromes with Very Severe Neurodevelopmental Delay, Speech Impairment, Autistic Behavior, and Epilepsy

Coci E.G. · Auhuber A. · Langenbach A. · Mrasek K. · Riedel J. · Leenen A. · Lücke T. · Liehr T.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2017;151:171-178 (DOI:10.1159/000471501)
Case Report

Interstitial 10q21.1q23.31 Duplication due to Meiotic Recombination of a Paternal Balanced Complex Rearrangement: Cytogenetic and Molecular Characterization

Alesi V. · Orlando V. · Genovese S. · Loddo S. · Pisaneschi E. · Pompili D. · Surace C. · Restaldi F. · Digilio M.C. · Dallapiccola B. · Dentici M.L. · Novelli A.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2017;151:179-185 (DOI:10.1159/000475490)

Skin-Dominant Phenotype in a Patient with H Syndrome: Identification of a Novel Mutation in the SLC29A3 Gene

Vural S. · Ertop P. · Durmaz C.D. · Şanlı H. · Okçu Heper A. · Kundakçı N. · Karabulut H.G. · Ilgın Ruhi H.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2017;151:186-190 (DOI:10.1159/000475908)
Original Article

Centromere Repositioning in Cattle (Bos taurus) Chromosome 17

De Lorenzi L. · Iannuzzi A. · Rossi E. · Bonacina S. · Parma P.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2017;151:191-197 (DOI:10.1159/000473781)

Extensive Sex Chromosome Polymorphism of Microtus thomasi/Microtus atticus Species Complex Associated with Cryptic Chromosomal Rearrangements and Independent Accumulation of Heterochromatin

Rovatsos M.T. · Marchal J.A. · Romero-Fernández I. · Arroyo M. · Athanasopoulou E.B. · Sánchez A.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2017;151:198-207 (DOI:10.1159/000477114)
Editor's Choice - Free Access

Chromosome Painting in Trogon s. surrucura (Aves, Trogoniformes) Reveals a Karyotype Derived by Chromosomal Fissions, Fusions, and Inversions

Degrandi T.M. · del Valle Garnero A. · O'Brien P.C.M. · Ferguson-Smith M.A. · Kretschmer R. · de Oliveira E.H.C. · Gunski R.J.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2017;151:208-215 (DOI:10.1159/000471782)

The Hypermethylated Regions in Avian Chromosomes

Schmid M. · Steinlein C.
Cytogenet Genome Res 2017;151:216-227 (DOI:10.1159/000464268)

Contents Vol. 151, 2017

Cytogenet Genome Res 2017;151:I-IV (DOI:10.1159/000478840)
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