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Information for Advertisers

Showcase your Products

You are looking for a cost-efficient medium to showcase your medical, technical and pharmaceutical products and services? With advertisements in our specialty journals spanning the entire spectrum of biomedicine you can reach the decision-makers you need to reach in precisely the medical fields you are targeting. Browse by specialty/subject or scan the alphabetical Journal List – we are certain you will find the perfect medium for your message in one of our journals!
Details on press run, audience and rates can be found in the special 'Advertising' section of every journal's homepage.
For an overview on our entire journal program download the Media Data/Rate Sheet in CHF, USD or EUR (as PDF files, you need Acrobat Reader by Adobe), with details on frequency, rates and sizes.

Advertorials / Product News Sections

Several of our journals publish Product News – in combination with an ad in the same issue this creates a very strong impression. Get in touch with the advertising team for more information.

Print and Online Media Data / Rate Sheets

For an overview on the rates of all Karger Journals please go to the Media Data Download. The rates given are the basic rates for black and white ads.

Details and prices for individual journals can be found on the homepage (>About this journal>Advertising).

Color and Position Charges

Please note that the rates given in our Media Data and Rate Sheets are the basic rates for black and white ads.

Color Charge
The color surcharge is CHF 520.– / USD 612.00 / EUR 433.– per color (standard or matched). The full-color rate is reached by adding 3 times the color charge to the basic black and white tariff. Color charges are non-discountable.

Position Charges
Firm booking of a preferred position is subject to a supplementary charge:
  • inside front cover = plus 20% of the basic b/w rate
  • inside back cover = plus 15% of the basic b/w rate
  • back cover = plus 50% of the basic b/w rate
  • Please see the individual journal's home page for availability and note that this may vary from journal to journal as well as from issue to issue. We can accept requests for preferred positions other than those specified above only on a non-committal basis as they are subject to editorial approval.


    The exclusion of competitors can only be guaranteed for fully sponsored (supplement) issues. Please contact the advertising team for more information.


    Acceptance of loose and bound inserts may depend on editorial approval. The rates listed in the Media Data/Rate Sheet apply to loose inserts weighing no more than 15g and bound inserts of two pages. For other formats and weights please send us a specimen for a quote. When sending us your inserts please make sure they are delivered 'DDP' (Delivery Duty Paid), at least 4 weeks prior to planned date of publication. Any taxes or charges leveled upon their receipt will be charged back to you.


    You are eligible for a series rebate on your order if you book 3 or more ads for one advertiser simultaneously. The ads may be for different issues of one and the same journal or for different journals. The discount varies depending on the number of bookings:
  • 10% for 3 insertions
  • 15% for 6 insertions
  • 20% for 12 insertions

  • Special Campaigns
    Place an ad campaign in all Karger journals of one field and get an additional discount!
    Non-profit organizations and publishers are entitled to a special 35% discount.

    Agency Commission

    Advertising agencies are compensated with a 10% commission on the total cost of the advertisement.

    Booking and Invoicing

    Bookings must be made in writing. Fax and e-mail are acceptable. Your order will be confirmed in writing and unless countermanded the booking is thereby binding. Invoices are issued at the end of the month in which the issue is published and are mailed to the customer (as opposed to the advertiser). Terms of payment are 30 days net for Switzerland, 60 days net for Europe and 90 days net for Overseas.

    Voucher copies

    One voucher copy will be sent by surface mail to the invoice address unless you inform us otherwise.

    Electronic Data Transmission

    Print-ready PDFs are preferred, but we accept Adobe InDesign CS and Adobe Photoshop TIF or EPS files with a resolution of 300 dpi.
    Please send files on CD-ROM to the address below. For details about file transfer via ftp server, please contact the advertising team for details.
    Data for color ads should be accompanied by a color scale. Bleeds: the gutterside must be trimmed. Please note that we do not archive data.

    Contact Address

    Whatever your advertising needs, contact us, we will always be glad to assist.

    S. Karger AG
    Advertising Service, Iola Gulijew and Stephanie Gygax
    P.O. Box
    CH-4009 Basel (Switzerland)
    Tel. +41 61 306 12 47
    Fax +41 61 306 12 34