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Subject Guide: Social Medicine

Featured Publications

Current Publications
2017 available

Personalising Your Health: A Global Imperative

1st European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress, Belfast, November 2017

Editor(s): Horgan D. (Brussels) 

A comprehensive overview of policy

Vol. 62, 2017 available

Acute Topics in Anti-Doping

Editor(s): Rabin O. (Montreal, Que.)  Pitsiladis Y. (Eastbourne) 

Vol. 83, 2015 available

Frailty: Pathophysiology, Phenotype and Patient Care

83rd Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop, Barcelona, March 2014

Editor(s): Fielding R.A. (Boston, Mass.)  Sieber C. (Erlangen-Nuremberg)  Vellas B. (Toulouse) 

A truly interdisciplinary approach

Vol. 48, 2015 available

Tattooed Skin and Health

Editor(s): Serup J. (Copenhagen)  Kluger N. (Helsinki)  Bäumler W. (Regensburg) 

Vol. 29, 2013 available

Anxiety Disorders

Editor(s): Baldwin D.S. (Southampton/Cape Town)  Leonard B.E. (Galway) 

A topical and comprehensive description of current developments in the pharmacological treatment of anxiety disorders

Vol. 33, 2013 available

Cultural Psychiatry

Editor(s): Alarcón R.D. (Rochester, Minn. / Lima) 

A panoramic view of current status, research advances, challenges and opportunities

2013 available

Chronotherapeutics for Affective Disorders

A Clinician's Manual for Light and Wake Therapy

Wirz-Justice A. (Basel)  Benedetti F. (Milano)  Terman M. (New York) 

Practical methods for implementing light and wake therapy to fight depression

Vol. 44, 2013 available

Dermatological Diseases and Cumulative Life Course Impairment

Editor(s): Linder M.D. (Padua/Graz)  Kimball A.B. (Boston, Mass.) 

An interdisciplinary and innovative approach to the impact of skin diseases on patients' lives

Vol. 71, 2013 available

Recent Advances in Growth Research: Nutritional, Molecular and Endocrine Perspectives

71st Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop, Vienna, October 2011

Editor(s): Gillman M.W. (Boston, Mass.)  Gluckman P.D. (Auckland)  Rosenfeld R.G. (Los Altos, Calif.) 

The experts view

Vol. 178, 2013 available

Violence against Women and Mental Health

Editor(s): García-Moreno C. (Geneva)  Riecher-Rössler A. (Basel) 

Comprehensive overview on the psychological sequelae of violence against women worldwide